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Mentor Coaching Courses

Mentor Coaching Program

This program is included in our FAST TRACK TO ICF CREDENTIAL and Fast Education Programs. This mentor-coach program satisfies the first component, the one-to-one Mentoring Coaching time, for the ICF requirement of credentialing candidates on the ACC (Level 1), PCC (Level 2), or either Portfolio paths to complete prior to submitting their application. This provides three hours of one-to-one mentor coaching.

Individual mentor coaching sessions

Select this program if you need a mentor coach to support your rapid development in coaching skills and techniques. You may purchase increments of one-hour sessions. This service is great when you are creating recordings for your performance evaluation and want an extra set of expert ears to determine if your recording is ready. Maybe you need mentor-coach hours for your ACC renewal. Maybe you want to grow your practice or get support in working with a challenging client. This provides individual hours of one-to-one mentor coaching. You can choose how many sessions you would like.

mentor and group coaching bundle

This bundle satisfies the full ICF requirement to complete 10 hours of mentor coaching consisting of two components: Three or more hours of one-on-one Mentoring Coaching time with an ICF credentialed coach, PLUS a maximum of seven hours of Group Mentor Coaching. This bundles two of our programs:  (link: Advanced Coaching Skills Practicum) and our (link: Mentor Coach Program) together just for you. This provides three hours of one-to-one mentor coaching and seven hours of group coaching.

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