Simplify your life and accomplish more with our top 7 productivity tips!

Do you feel overwhelmed daily? Do you feel like your life is over complicated and you just don’t know where to start to get it back on track to clear your mind? Mental clarity is just as important for your health as it is for your work/career life and path!

“Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health.” – Dalai Lama

Regardless of your daily activities and schedule, we all have just a short 24 hours in each day – sometimes it seems almost impossible just to get it all done! It can seem that for every item we check off of that to-do list, we just add another one or two. But with a little work and just a few stress-relieving habits, we can alleviate this feeling of overwhelm and trade it in for a new sense of achievement and simplicity.

Here’s the Coaching Out of the Box® Top 7 things you can do in your day to get to this new fresh state:

  1. Focus on only the necessary tasks – highlight those tasks that ae key for your day and cross them off as you go. If it’s not priority, keep it on your list so that you don’t forget, but leave it for another time.
  2. Remember to stop for little breaks and take deep breaths! There are numerous studies (like this one) online that state that the most productive people with for 50-60 minutes at a time before taking a 15-20 minute break. Getting back to work after taking these little breaks throughout the day allows your mind to be fresh for each task.
  3. Set realistic deadlines for your important tasks. Trying to do a lot in a short timeframe may only lead to more stress if you cannot accomplish everything on time.
  4. Try not to overthink each individual task. Focusing in on those important tasks can keep you moving forward on important projects!
  5. Be sure to continue focusing on personal needs – don’t neglect these! Needs such as sleep, food, and social interactions will also ensure your productivity level is consistent.
  6. Learn to say no when it’s appropriate. Saying yes to every single thing that comes your way is another thing that will contribute to being overwhelmed. This might be the single most important tip!
  7. Focus on ONE task at a time. Many of us are used to ‘multi-tasking’ however this may lead to dragging out your to-do list and can also lead to tasks being completed but not necessarily well. This lack of focus is easily corrected by turning your attention to one thing at a time.

By now you might have noticed a commonality amongst these tips – FOCUS! Priority and focus together will not only ensure that you complete tasks well, but will alleviate the stress that all of us get bogged down with from time to time.

Do you ever wonder how you can learn to focus and prioritize effectively? If you are wondering this yourself and have never considered coaching, there’s no better time than the present. Your coach can help you identify important tasks and projects and help you along your own personal path to success. If you want to learn more about our class/program openings, please contact us here:

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