‘Tis the Season for . . . . Goal Setting

‘Tis the season for many things but one of the things on your list should be goal setting for 2018. As coaches, goal setting is a fundamental part of what we do and how we help our coachees. We use our coaching skills to help them figure out for THEMSELVES what goals they want to set and how THEY will go about achieving them.

But don’t forget about you! Hopefully you’ve already got your personal goals written down and know what you will do in 2018 to achieve them. If you haven’t completed the process yet, not to worry. The end of the year can sneak up on us. Often, we are so busy helping our coachees that we can let our personal work take a back seat. So now is the time to focus on your goals and plans for 2018. Take some time between now and January 1 to get those goals set. Regardless of where you are in the 2018 goal setting process, I’d like to challenge us all to think big for 2018. The coaching industry is taking off and that is creating new and exciting opportunities. Don’t settle for incremental gains in 2018!

This challenge, to think big and set big goals for 2018, may be daunting to some. Incremental gains feel safe. Big goals can create anxiety and fear in some, but they can also be energizing and a catalyst for change. There may be specific roadblocks and obstacles that have prevented you from setting or achieving big goals in the past. This is an opportunity to knock those obstacles down. One tool that can be very useful in helping you knock those obstacles down is our Personal Groundwork for Coaching Assessment Tool. This assessment tool has been carefully crafted to help you get to the root of blocks, prioritize areas to focus on first and develop a plan to tackle the issues.

The assessment is divided into six sections:

  • Physical Environments
  • Health and Wellness
  • Money and Finances
  • Relationships and Communication
  • Time and Space
  • Career and Business

You might wonder what some of these topics have to do with goal setting and achievement. But that is precisely the point. We each bring every aspect of our history, experience and lives into our work. These things can impact our effectiveness or hold us back. Often, in fact, it is our deep-seated experiences, past successes and failures, fears and insecurities that are at the root of what is propelling us forward or holding us back. So, we need to uncover what these are so that we can remove the obstacles and roadblocks that are preventing us from achieving big goals.

Once you have your big goals set, use the tool with your coachees. Just think of the difference we can make when we set and achieve our big goals for 2018.

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