“You Rock! No, Really!”

“You can do it! I believe in you!”

“Hey Jim, job well done on that project!”

“Wow! What an awesome insight!”

Aaahhh, words of encouragement. One of the many highlights of being a coach is genuinely encouraging our teams and individual coachees. In doing so, we get to be their cheerleaders or champions for their cause (minus the pom-poms and short, shorts), witness their faces light up, or hear the lift in their voices when told that what they are doing or who they are is really awesome!! What could be better? Seriously.

Sincere encouragement (not platitudes for the sake of platitudes) serves a multitude of purposes…

It can empower the person to stretch farther than they ever felt they could.
It can raise their awareness regarding their abilities, skills, qualities, and talents.
It can demonstrate their value.
It can support them in taking action.

We encourage you to ask yourself the following questions:

Think of the last time someone shared some encouraging words with you, what were they?

What impact did they have?

Stretch those encouragement muscles. It won’t just make someone’s day it will make yours as well!

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