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Ceri-Anne Watson

The experience for me is that our facilitators really are ‘down to earth’ and human – they are understanding all of the barriers that can

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Recent student

Excellent organization and my experience with 5/5/5 was very positive… I would try another course. I love the sense of community Coaching Out of the

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Leslie P

This class and program has accelerated my growth as a coach and continues to help me find my style as a coach by learning through

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Natalie Ingham

I really enjoyed the Coaching Fundamentals Program™ and it set out the key elements to coaching that I had never know before but are crucial

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Lori Cohen

The Coaching Fundamentals Program™ will help you gain the foundational skills to coach with intention, to understand how the moves of coaching are linked directly

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Tammy Sheppard

The Coaching Fundamentals Program™ covered skills that are crucial for professional coaching excellence and also very applicable to effective communication and goal setting in one’s

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Ann V. Masters

The Coaching Fundamentals Program™ in the Coaching Out of the Box® framework was excellent.  I learned to apply coaching strategies that will serve me well

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Ian Matheson

This program is a great way of embedding the ICF core competencies in a practical way. It helped me develop my coaching skills enormously.

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