June 2022 – Are you ready to jump into your next big thing

Welcome to June! Have you ever had a hard time coming up with a coaching topic? You have a coaching session booked and you keep ruminating over what you want to talk about. Sometimes this even happens in a public forum during coach training courses where you are asked to come up with topics for your coaching sessions. We asked our panel of esteemed experts to provide us with some insight on how they come up with coaching topics, here’s what they had to say… “My go-to resource when I’m looking for a topic for coaching is my Personal Groundwork for Coaching Assessment. I consider that tool a snapshot in time and there are always things that surface that require my attention at different times of the year or in my life. Alternatively, if you are open to it, reach out to your manager, your colleagues or your family and friends and ask for some feedback on what you are doing well and/or what you could be doing differently. Most people shy away from seeking out feedback on a regular basis. This can be one of the most powerful tools in continuing to work on becoming the best version of yourself. Finally, think about the goals you have set for yourself. Have you achieved them all? Is there something you have always wanted to try or learn more about and for whatever reason you have yet to set the wheels in motion? Coaching can be a wonderful opportunity to begin to explore possibilities and build a bucket list full of things that would fulfil your wildest hopes and dreams. Too often we play it safe thinking we should only focus on what’s immediately possible. Why not play a bigger game and challenge yourself to think bigger!” — Sinive Seely, PCC, Coach Facilitator/Mentor Coach COBTx
“Two tips, one preparation. I find that the frustration emerges when you need to come up with coaching topics in the moment. To alleviate that, knowing that practice is part of the program you are in, do some preparation beforehand. Set a timer and give yourself some time to write down potential topics using questions like what do I want more of or less of? What can I use the safe space of coaching to talk through? Having those topics allows you to readily pull them when you need. Second, zoom out. Frustration can increase when you are so focused on finding a topic adding one more thing you need to do as part of your coaching program. Zooming out from the current moment to higher level allows you to see the landscape – to remember to reconnect is your intention around coach training. This allows you to reconnect to your goal and expand potential topics you want to use.” — Rosa Edinga, PCC, Coach Facilitator, Mentor Coach, COTBx Ready to read more? Check out our blog post.

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