December 2021 – “Happy All-The-Days?”

With the holiday season upon us, it is time to give pause and reflect, what’s in a name? Answer: Everything.

Last week, I watched a commercial for a very large box retailer gladly tout, “Happy All-The-Days!” (pronounce it like Mary Poppins’ friend Bert might, with a terrible Cockney accent). Today in the grocery store, someone said, “Happy Day of Thanks”. Did they mean Thanksgiving?

My niece is a teacher in a local elementary school where they have removed specific holidays entirely from being discussed and celebrated. They removed Halloween and Thanksgiving in favor of “Fall Festivities”. They also removed Christmas (December 25), Chanukah (begins November 28), Diwali (November 4), and Kwanzaa (begins December 26) in favor of “Winter Holidays”.

Has there been a rash of recent holiday name changes that I am unaware of? Written by Patricia A. Lee, ACC for Coaching Out of the Box® Read More…

10 Simple Tips For Surviving the Holidays Like A Pro

Whatever your situation, the best way to survive the Holiday season is to be prepared for them, physically and mentally… and with the right provisions.

  1. Online shop till you drop
  2. Keep celebrations at home to a minimum
  3. Only kids get gifts
  4. Minimal Christmas decorations
  5. Prepare in advance
  6. Stock up in November
  7. Reconnect by phone
  8. Make plans in advance and reconfirm
  9. Enjoy a favourite drink… in moderation
  10. Make time for quiet down-time

Don’t sweat the small stuff, so take a deep breath. Relax for a moment and then realize that like every other Holiday in the past you can’t escape the crazy, but you can manage it.

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We would like to take this time to thank you for your support over this past year and wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas, Happy Diwali, Chanukah, Kwanzaa or Eid! And a Happy New Year! We look forward to bringing you more webinars, coaching programs and valuable resources in the new year!

Cheers — Alison Hendren and the team at Coaching Out of the Box®

Fast Track to ICF Credential (Day Classes)

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Coaching Fundamentals™

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ICF Coach Assessment
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Designed to prepare coaches who will be applying for an ICF Credential. As part of receiving an ICF Credential, coaches will be required to successfully complete the ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment. — Starts February 1
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Certified Diversity Coach Program

In this six-week program, participants will learn and explore the roles that coaches must take in addressing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) in every coaching exchange — adapting and evolving the coaches’ mindset and presence to their client’s needs. The ICF Core Competencies related to diversity and inclusion are intermingled in the program to train, support, and equip the participants to be successful in “Embracing Diversity in Coaching”. — Starts February 1

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