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Coaching Out of the Box® presents “Taking Coaching Viral in Healthcare”!


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Coaching in Healthcare
Coaching Out of the Box® presents 
“Taking Coaching Viral in Healthcare”  
to The Institute of Coaching, Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital

We recently travelled to Boston to present our findings on bringing coaching skills to over 5,000 people in Healthcare at the 8th Annual Coaching in Leadership Healthcare conference offered by Institute of Coaching, Harvard Medical School & McLean Hospital. Approximately 650 attendees made up of coaches, physicians, psychologists, nurses, social workers and leaders in Healthcare Organizations got to see the latest research. Our presentation was a collaborative effort shared by Dori Van Stolk, Director, Learning & Development for BC Women’s and Children’s Hospital , Arty Coppes, Executive Coach and Healthcare Leadership Coach and Alison Hendren, CEO and Founder of Coaching Out of the Box®


Here is what we shared:

  1. Our research, about bringing coaching skills to large numbers of people in Healthcare, is groundbreaking. Through conversations with many of the attendees we did hear excellent comments about the one-on-one coaching being done but did not hear of any wide-scale initiatives whereby large groups of Healthcare Workers are learning how to use coaching skills as part of the work they are doing as leaders, directors, physicians, child life specialists, acute rehab teams, family practice physicians, etc… This could include working with teams, individuals in short 5 minute chats, or longer conversations with co-workers, direct reports, surgical teams, patients and families. As a result is has changed the kinds of conversations healthcare workers are having and is speaking to the hunger for different conversations that are solution focused and promote accountability.
  2. We shared 3 key elements for success – Easily adoptable coaching skills program, Internal Champion and the ability to build Internal Capacity.
  3. The results were measured using an evaluation framework and logic model, data collection was pre and post surveys to all participants, focus groups conducted and external consultant analyzed the data and summarized conclusions based on analysis.

Here are the top seven results achieved:

  1. Improved Listening
  2. Improved Communication
  3. Improved Ability to Give Feedback
  4. Improved Conflict Resolution
  5. Positively Impacted Relationships
  6. Improvement in Team Dynamics & Team Communication
  7. Increased Ability to Engage Staff in Conversations that are Solutions-Focused and Promote Accountability.


What has unexpectedly happened is that there have been far reaching and unintended trickle down effects.  The original intention was to work with teams and leadership, but with the infectious spread of coaching it expanded and integrated into unique and untapped projects, programs and groups, i.e. Child Life Specialists, Diabetes Research, Leadership, Acute Rehab Team, Eating Disorders, Patients, Family & Clinicians and more. 


Not only is this having a huge impact on the Healthcare field, but this same approach is working in non-healthcare related organizations  (i.e. manufacturing, energy, education, sales, retail, government) as well!


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