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Purposeful Conversations

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Welcome. The Purposeful Conversations© Training Program draws from the most advanced knowledge base in the coaching field and is translated into a simple, intuitive, and highly transferable framework for busy executives, managers, and influencers.

The ability to influence others, the management of people, the development of talent, the finesse to provide effective feedback, and, the ability to provide inspiring leadership is not an exact science. It is messy. No one solution when found works for everyone. Each Manager – Employee or Influencer – Colleague combination brings a whole new set of challenges that cannot be expressed in an email, a chart, or spreadsheet. It MUST occur through conversation – A Purposeful Conversation.

The enhancement of the skills, the experience, and the practice to have these conversations is what we cover in this program. We want to go beyond “teaching managers to coach”. We want to be much more practical. We want to provide an experience where leaders, managers and influencers build on their own management and coaching styles to communicate and connect in a more powerful way. Notice we did not just say communicate and connect with employees. Although they will be the key focus. This is about enhancing the skills to communicate with customers, other leaders, potential customers, and all the situations that will be needed to deliver on the Strategic Performance Outcomes of the organization. They all require powerful and purposeful conversations to work in concert with solid technical attributes.

We wish you much success during your learning experience with us! If you have any questions about the course, please feel free to reach out to us at any time!

Curriculum Overview

Week 1The Purposeful Conversation.
Week 2The Conversation Process.
Week 3Providing Feedback.
Week 4Be Curious & Listening
Week 5Be Accepting & Questioning
Week 6Be Supportive & Encouraging
Week 7Be Committed & Action Planning
Week 8Integrate the Manager-Coach-Dance into Your Style

How to Take This Course

This learning experience combines live online (Zoom) classes and self-study materials (this content).

  1. Review the content on this page to become familiar with this course. These pages will guide through the entire learning experience.
  2. This page contains the downloads and access to all course materials. Many of them can be downloaded for your use.
  3. Attend the Zoom class each week at the designated time. See CLASS folder each week.
  4. Attendance is mandatory. See the Missed Class Policy for how to ensure 100% attendance.
  5. The course content is divided into modules we called WEEKs. Each week has its own:
    1.  CLASS folder – which contains the ZOOM LINK to each weeks’ live class.
    2. FIELDWORK folder – which contains exercises to be completed after every live Zoom class.
  6. Login and start each week in the correct CLASS folder.
  7. Each week, complete the fieldwork found in the FIELDWORK folder.
  8. IMPORTANT: Once you have completed a Class or Fieldwork topic MARK AS COMPLETE. All lessons and sections need to be completed to be awarded a Completion Certificate.
  9. Use the navigation summary box at  the top left to locate each week’s material.
  10. Each week you are likely to be the coach AND be the Coachee. Come to class with real topics you can get coached on.

Course Materials

Missed Class Policy - "The RCR Process"

To successfully complete this course (to obtain a certificate of completion), full attendance is required.

In the event you are absent from a live Zoom class, we offer you a one-time option to listen to the class recording, complete and submit a Recorded Class Report (RCR) prior to the next scheduled class. The form will be visible on each week’s lesson page if you have been marked absent.

If you miss more than 2 classes in this course: We may require you to re-take those specific classes missed during the next available program. A $100.00 Class Re-take Fee may apply.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.. 

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