Personal Groundwork for Coaching™



The Personal Groundwork for Coaching Program™ allows coaches to highlight and explore areas that are often at the source of where a coachee becomes stuck, self-defeating, or demotivated.  The Personal Groundwork for Coaching Assessment™ is a widely used tool to help coaches move their client's past daily symptoms and into the deeper source of what gets in their way when moving toward bigger and broader goals.

This course places you in the role of the coachee. We take you through your own personal journey, using the process of self-reflection, development, and growth. Only once you have done the work yourself will you be ready to lead others through it.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF), states that the coaching competency referred to as Coaching Presence is defined as the ability to be fully conscious and create a spontaneous relationship with the client, employing a style that is open, flexible, and confident. What this means is that in order to coach effectively the coach needs to move from “doing” coaching to “being” a coach. Coaching presence is about bringing your authentic self when you coach, which has many benefits for the coaching relationship such as greater trust, honest and open communication, and greater exploration.

For many coaches, it is difficult to fully define and understand who they are “being” when coaching. Personal Groundwork for Coaching will support coaches of all experience levels to explore their coaching presence. We identify where you are at now, address areas of challenge, and use this learning to create your own signature presence that fully embraces your unique and authentic self. A secondary benefit to doing this deep work is that often clients are going through similar work, so having these discussions now and doing this work yourself helps you to better understand where your client is at.

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