Coach Approach to Leadership with Purposeful Conversations Program©


Key Skills Covered

  • Five-step process for a coaching conversation
  • Five core leadership skills:
    • Multi-dimensional listening
    • Powerful questions that accelerate development and new insights
    • Encouraging action, growth, and new awareness
    • Requesting bigger, bolder actions
    • Action Planning to establish meaningful and motivating goals and workable plans to achieve them
  • Five fundamental behaviours experienced coaches always use
  • Feedback techniques
  • The ultimate Manager-Coach Dance® allows the navigation from the toughest to the easiest conversation.

Benefits of Participating

Influencers and managers acquire tools that move them…

  • From talking to others to new ways of listening.
  • From building walls to building trust.
  • From telling others what to do to asking powerful questions.
  • From harsh truths to productive feedback.
  • From problem-solving for others to developing resourceful, self-reliant problem solvers.

How powerful will it be when the TOUGHER conversations needed to drive business growth and develop people becomes easier? AND The EASIER conversations that get the work done, provide leadership, and deliver on the strategic outcomes are 20% faster?

That is what is possible when you build upon the natural leadership and strengths existing in the individuals that attend this course and who integrate into their personal style, a process to have purposeful conversations, deepen the skills of Listening and Questioning and hone the ability to provide feedback in an engaging developmental conversation.

It is about the bottom line. How to drive that bottom line by engaging with the talents and energy that exist in the employees, customers, and colleagues today.