Train the Trainer (T4) for 5.5.5 Coaching Skills Training Program

Course Overview

This program is a self-paced course with support and guidance from a Coaching Out of the Box® Mentor Coach.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will have reviewed the critical content from the 5.5.5 program and exit with a fully customized delivery plan and script ready for their first delivery.

Each participant will receive both a hard copy Toolkit and access to the digitally delivered through the online Portal.

The designation is a Coaching Out of the Box® Digitally Enabled Licensed Trainer (DELT).

Course Prerequisites

To be eligible for our Train-the-Trainer programs, participants must have completed the 5.5.5 Coaching Skills Training Program™ from Coaching Out of the Box® in addition to a minimum of ONE of the following:

  • A coach training program with a minimum of 60 contact hours as defined by the ICF Level 1 or ICF Level 2 or equivalent.
  • Or have successfully completed both the Coaching Out of the Box® Advanced Coaching Skills Practicum, AND Coaching Fundamentals Program™.
  • Or hold an ICF ACC, PCC, or MCC credential.

Content Covered:

Influencers and managers acquire tools that move them…

  • From talking to others to new ways of listening.
  • From building walls to building trust.
  • From telling others what to do to asking powerful questions.
  • From harsh truths to productive feedback.
  • From problem-solving for others to developing resourceful, self-reliant problem solvers.

How powerful will it be when the TOUGHER conversations needed to drive business growth and develop people becomes easier? AND The EASIER conversations that get the work done, provide leadership, and deliver on the strategic outcomes are 20% faster? 

That is what is possible when you build upon the natural leadership and strengths existing in the individuals that attend this course and who integrate into their personal style, a process to have purposeful conversations, deepen the skills of Listening and Questioning and hone the ability to provide feedback in an engaging developmental conversation.

It is about the bottom line. How to drive that bottom line by engaging with the talents and energy that exist in the employees, customers, and colleagues today.  

Price - $3,200 CDn / $2,670 USd

LT Upgrade - $37 CDn / $30 USD

Materials required for every participant you deliver the program to.

Our agreement specifies the Licensed Trainer (LT) or Digitally Enabled Licensed Trainer (DELT) will purchase at least ONE of the following toolkits for EVERY participant involved in the programs they lead or run.

It is unlawful to duplicate or electronically duplicate/distribute any of these materials for the purpose of redistribution or resale.

Online 5.5.5 Digital Toolkit.

Coaching Out of the Box® 5.5.5 Coaching Skills Training Program™ toolkit per participant (includes new versions of the Learner’s Guide, 365 Coaching Questions Booklet, screensavers, and new model cards and resources.)

Access is granted for twelve months after toolkit purchase.

Hardcopy 5.5.5 Toolkit.

Coaching Out of the Box® 5.5.5 Coaching Skills Training Program™ toolkit per participant (includes the Learner’s Guide, 365 Coaching Questions Booklet, Pyramid, 5.5.5 Model Card, Bookmark, and Pen)

Extended Access to the Online Digital Toolkit.

An annual subscription for an additional twelve-month access to the student portal (Porto) is available and may be purchased at any time by each user. This is purchased directly from Coaching Out of the Box®.

Other learning aids, laminated model cards, and support material will be made available on the Coaching Out Of The Box® website.

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