Merv Rogers is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) and President of LCPI, a people focused company offering coaching services, leadership development, course design and large group program design across North America and Europe.  His unique and successful coaching techniques enable clients to expand their thinking, allowing them to envision broader perspectives about how their personal style, behaviours, business relationships and approaches can be aligned with their natural skills and talents to deliver consistent, sustainable business results. Whether the shift in perspective focuses on how to apply their natural talent, how to develop to the next skill level, or most typically, how to forge deeper, more productive relationships with others - the fundamental goal is to deliver today, while laying the groundwork for progressive, sustainable growth in the future.

Merv states, “Clients are intelligent, talented people whom seldom need to be fixed; they are really seeking a shift in perspective…that ‘ah-ha’ moment that happens through the power of a coaching conversation. The conversation often starts with identifying a significant barrier, then with a shift in perspective and the action plan simply unfolds.”

Professional Experience

Merv’s spent the first part of his career working and managing in IBM Canada for the Hardware Service and Software Integration Divisions.  He started his professional coaching practice in 1996. From the executive boardroom or large group audience coaching to the one-on-one sessions, Merv is equally comfortable and adaptable to the many diverse environments, individuals and industries he supports.

Merv attributes his successes in coaching to having an innate ability to look beyond the presenting barrier and drive for the potential inside each individual or organization he is coaching.

Business and Organizational Results

Certifications and Professional Qualifications

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