Ingrid Pregel

As the Principal at Ingrid Pregel Consulting Inc. (iPCi), Ingrid specializes in Executive Coaching, Facilitation and Management Consulting. She focuses on organizational, leadership and governance effectiveness, strategic planning, and leading change. Her work typically involves the customized design and execution of stakeholder consultation strategies as well as working together with the organization’s executive team to conclude useful, implementable strategies and improvement opportunities. She is a seasoned facilitator, guide, coach and partner. Ingrid’s coaching practice is focused on organizational leaders, both individually and as teams, who have a deep commitment to becoming their best selves as a key enabler of their organization’s performance. Being their best surfaces new ways of thinking and innovative actions aligned with the organizations vision and goals. Ingrid’s coaching style is to be compassionate and bold at the same time. She asks powerful questions with no judgement implied and is an excellent listener. Clients acknowledge her as authentic, caring and confident. Ingrid’s passion is to enable executives and their teams to accomplish their vision and mission. Her clients value these aspects of her approach and personal style:

  • Collaboration; joint ownership of the work
  • Lateral thinking and integration of knowledge across many fields
  • Connecting and providing new insights into situations and issues
  • Customized approaches and solutions; never one size fits all
  • Less emphasis on theoretically correct solutions; more focus on useful, practical implementable solutions
  • Courage to call a spade a shovel with graceful delivery
  • Direct communication
  • Willingness to give voice to what few others will; naming the “moose” on the table
  • Optimism and trust

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