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Coaching in the Ring

Webinar Showcase: Coaching in the Ring The setting of the Live Coaching Demo: This webinar will feature live, unscripted, and unrehearsed coaching conversations with two

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A Tale of Two Coaches and Their Coach-Education Journey to ICF Credential

How exciting it is that coaches are everywhere these days. Organizations are incorporating coaching cultures and there are several coaching hashtags now, such as: #coachingcommunity #coachingculture #coachingjourney #coachingworks #coachingskills #coachingmindset #coaching #coachingtips #coach #coachtraining
#coachingrofessionals #coachingbusiness #coachinglife #coachingprogram #coachingonline and the list goes on!

What does this coaching trend mean? We believe it means the Coaching industry is at a tipping point where certifications and credentials have become necessary and required to meet demand, and Coaching Out of the Box® is at the forefront of supporting ICF-accredited coach education programs to those who are seeking an ICF Credential.

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Student Insights

For almost 37 years, Coaching Out of the Box® has been “Committed to Excellence” (The Business Insider) in coach education, providing world-class coach education programs and courses that are fully accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). We are also committed to providing thought-leadership information and insight that is timely, topical, and relevant to those of you who are new to the coaching profession, are seasoned coaches, and those of you who are just starting out on your journey to acquire coaching skills, training and/or attaining a coaching credential. Accordingly, today’s article is not written by anyone here at Coaching Out of the Box® but rather we share with you the words of a former student who, like so many, has chosen to embark on our Fast Track to ICF Credential program as well as our popular Certified Diversity Coach Program. On behalf of the Coaching Out of the Box® team, it gives me great pleasure to share the following from Beate Trost, ACC and founder of Cookies and Tea (

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Carletha Ward

Carletha Ward is a Life & Career Strategist working with professional women who are struggling or conflicted with their life or career situation and can’t

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Melinda Campbell-Weber

As a certified trainer and disability advocate, Melinda Campbell-Weber likes to say that she spends half her time comforting the afflicted and the other half

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