Coach Approach to Leadership – Now More Than Ever

We’ve got an emergency going on! Government, healthcare, manufacturing, education, services or non-profit are being challenged to keep up with multiple ongoing changes while also paying attention to growth. Everyone is being asked to do more with less. Most of you have seen a host of new technology and rapidly changing systems that require your business environment to be agile, innovative, responsive and adaptable. There has been a tremendous shift from algorithmic work to heuristic work. In other words, the shift from routine, repetitive measurable work, to work that involves critical thinking, analysis and creativity. Approximately 70% of current job growth in North America is in heuristic work and it is only growing. The old carrot and stick approach worked well in the old algorithmic environment but researchers have found it can be devastating in a heuristic environment. What is more effective for this environment is competency in soft skills…enter coaching. 

Taking a Coach Approach to Leadership means mining the very best from others by partnering with them to discover their unique motivation system and strategizing with them to work in alignment with it. Taking a coach approach also means asking others to stretch beyond their comfort zones and leveraging their strengths in a variety of areas such as change, creativity, decision making, communication and even conflict. Having people work in alignment with their unique motivation system and stretching beyond what they would ask of themselves is imperative to creating an organizational culture that is agile, innovative, responsive and adaptable. Get going in bringing a coach approach to your leadership and your organization. We are here to help you. We’ve designed courses and tools just for you. How can you start? Check out the options below.
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