How Do You Support Someone In Achieving Their Dreams?

Most people you will encounter have dreams, ambitions, goals or desires. They want to do better, be better and achieve more. How they get to this point is what stops them from achieving their dreams. Quite often they will need help along the way and may not know where to turn or who to speak to in order to get this help.

Les Brown is quoted as saying, “Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.” As a coach, this is very true. We strive to help others build themselves up to do better. Our goal is to see them achieve their desires. But how do we go about helping them do this?

  1. Help them establish their goal. Discuss their values and what is important to them.
  2. Develop these goals into a specific plan. Encourage them to define what they are wanting to do and how they will know when they have achieved their goal.
  3. Help them assess whether their goal is achievable or what obstacles they might face that can be overcome or may not be overcome.
  4. Encourage them to prioritize their actions to achieve their goal.
  5. Help them write out their goals and plans, including any steps required to reach these goals. A specific plan is important to have and even more important to have on hand in case they run into problems in the future.
  6. Try to help them work out alternatives in case there are obstacles they can foresee.
  7. Offer encouragement along the way.
  8. Check in with them to see how they are progressing and if they need to discuss their plan further or refine some of it.
  9. Celebrate their achievements with them. Celebrating is always more fun with someone else. This additional encouragement may be all they need to go on to the next steps, especially if the path becomes harder.

Once the person reaches their goal, you will hopefully feel accomplished as well. You were instrumental in their process and that makes their success your success too!

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