Practicums; An Inside Look

A coaching skills practicum is really a laboratory where those who are coaching can experiment with what they FEEL is right versus what they THINK is right. It allows them to test their own natural style of coaching and try things they may not normally risk in other coaching situations. From there, feedback and course corrections are offered to help the coach take the coaching deeper, broader and farther. Without supervision and feedback on their coaching, coaches begin to operate in a vacuum. Habits can be formed that keep the coaching solution/performance focused and at a surface level. While this can be productive and effective, coachee’s will be missing the real power of coaching which is evolution focused and elicits sustainable and pivotal change.

Where the real meat of the practicums comes from is the challenges put forth to the participating coaches to stretch themselves and move into a deeper awareness of their own behaviors, choices and limiting beliefs within the context of their coaching. In other words, the coach is coached on their coaching! So not only is there a lot of dialog about the core competencies themselves, but there’s also quite a bit of discussion around what holds coaches back from really going for it with their coachees – risking going out on a limb and playing big. The coach is asked to evolve themselves and step into their next iteration of WHO they are being as a coach.

The Coaching Skills Practicums we have at Coaching Out of the Box® are designed to challenge any coach at any experience level. They are facilitated by Master Certified Coaches who have thousands of hours of experience in coaching and have been teaching and assessing coaches for professional certification for years. It’s ideal for the novice upwards to coaches going for any level of certification. The virtual classroom provides a wonderful environment for learning and the dialogs are rich and challenging. So get out of your coaching vacuum and come join us this Fall when our next Coaching Skills Practicum begins on September 25th!

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