The Art of Listening; a Powerful Coaching Tool

Just for a moment think of a conversation where you felt you were truly being listened to. Remember how it felt, the impact it had on you and on the conversation. Did you feel safe to share? Did you feel valued? Did you feel inspired to take action?

One of the greatest gifts we can give others, especially our coachees, is the time and the space to be listened to, really listened to. Listening to another, not just hearing the words, but really engaging with what and how the person is sharing…

…helps to develop trust and intimacy between you and the other person

…allows you to ask evocative questions

…creates the opportunity for exploration and awareness

…increases motivation and productivity.

In order to strengthen and utilize your listening skills we would like to offer the following ideas:

  • Make sure to minimize all distractions
  • Come from a place of genuine curiosity so that you can remain as open-minded as possible
  • Tune into the person’s tone or energy level; they can tell you a great deal about what the person is really thinking or feeling
  • Leave judgment at the door whenever possible.

Listening truly is one of the most powerful coaching tools in our toolbox.

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