The First Coaching Tip for 2023

Be Positive is Healthier.
Here is a little challenge from your coach. Make 2023 the year of positive health.
Take the P-Pill twice a day.

The P-Pill stimulates you to consciously, purposely even, seek to get the medicinal benefits of observing the positive in every moment you are in. Right now! and every now!

You already know positive thoughts change your body chemistry. So why not manufacture the drug for yourself? Set an intention to observe the tangible positive things that actually occur in as many moments as you can each day. Consciously note what is positive, what is working, and what is real. Like right now. Of all the things that are happening around you and to you, what is good about this moment you and I have together?

May be used in conjunction with other medicines like optimism. Optimism is mood-enhancing as it stimulates your brain to store positive hope for moments in the future. Optimism loses effectiveness once the future moment becomes the current moment, as it may or may not end up being all positive. To avoid the letdown, use the P-Pill to extend the uplifting effect of optimism and cascade that positive feeling into every subsequent moment and thereby improving your overall health state.

The Latin name for this medicine is affirmativus trutinor, meaning positively balanced. Coaches call it the Perspective pill ... having a truthful and balanced view of your world.

Avoid taking the Pollyanna pill. The Pollyanna pill forces you to believe everything is wonderful, and fabulous in every moment. We live in a world of opposites, dichotomies, and unplanned surprises. For every right, there is a left, every up is a corresponding down. The P-pill smooths out that ride by asking you to acknowledge, feel, appreciate the up times, and accept the down times for what they are and no more.

Test for the correct dosage. The next time someone asks you “How’s it going?”, watch your response. Are you sharing only the drama moments OR has the P-Pill gathered enough details to answer the question with a balanced honest answer, like: “What is great is …., and what I am working on is ….”

Start deciding in every moment what part of that specific moment you want to take with you into the next moment. Decide if it will be the anger, the frustration, the drama, OR the little successes and forward movements that you carry over to the next moment.

Use this medicine wisely and often. Be Positive is Healthier.

Merv Rogers, MCC
Chief Coaching Officer
Coaching Out of the Box®

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