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The First Coaching Tip for 2023

Be Positive is Healthier.
Here is a little challenge from your coach. Make 2023 the year of positive health.
Take the P-Pill twice a day.

The P-Pill stimulates you to consciously, purposely even, seek to get the medicinal benefits of observing the positive in every moment you are in. Right now! and every now!

You already know positive thoughts change your body chemistry. So why not manufacture the drug for yourself? Set an intention to observe the tangible positive things that actually occur in as many moments as you can each day. Consciously note what is positive, what is working, and what is real. Like right now. Of all the things that are happening around you and to you, what is good about this moment you and I have together?

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It Takes Two to Tango

Lessons In Coaching From 3 Common Mistakes Made When Dancing Tango

The intention of this post is to invite you to consider the synchronous nature of your coaching through the use of a dance metaphor.

The Tango is a dance influenced by African, South American, and European cultures and is characterized as being based on a syncopated rhythm that allows for much improvisation and full expression. To watch a couple, dance the Tango in a synchronous way can be an immersive experience; watching the dancers float across the floor effortlessly, perfectly synchronized, connected, and fully expressing. They share equal power in the movements even though one partner is leading. It can be so moving when the dancers are in sync. When the dancers are out of sync or “off” in their partnering of the dance, the experience for the observer can be choppy, disconnecting, and in some way uninspiring.

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