The First Coaching Tip in 2021

Welcome to 2021!

Well, wasn’t that an interesting year?

It stretched you, might have frustrated you and it may have revealed more of you.

In the face of an unexpected life twists, three groups of people show up: Innovators, Managers and Resistors

Each group plays an important part. You will have experienced each of these roles this year. Some for short periods of time and some for long periods with a lot of slipping back and forth between them.

Let’s bring your focus to the three roles we all can experience in this coming year.

There will be Pacesetters, Leaders, and Influencers.

  • The innovators can shift to be the Pacesetters
  • The Managers can shift to be the Leaders
  • The Resistors can shift to be Influencers

Pacesetters of 2021 will work fast. Your instincts will carve out the future direction. Take heed, be sure to bring the people along with you or all will be for nothing.

Leaders of tomorrow will be the crafty ones. As a Manager last year, you optimized “what is”. As a Leader you now optimize “what will be”.

Influencers of this year, your mission is clear. Bring forward only those ideas from the past which will work powerfully today. Respect and honor those ideas that worked well in the past, might have even defined you, yet no longer serve you. Let go to embrace them as a part of your history.

Let’s speak of the moments when we retreat or get stuck into last year’s change induced roles of Innovator, Manager or Resistor. These roles are in response to unexpected sudden change. They give us the time to re-group and re-orient ourselves.

2021 beckons you to step into action. Carve out your path forward.  Emerge and make your mark.

Oh, and if you don’t get the new role right the first time.  CONGRATULATIONS. Opting to step-up and out is the forward movement that breeds success.

Don’t let 2021 define you.  DEFINE IT with your flair.

Which one will you be this year? 

Pacesetter, Leader, or Influencer.

— Merv Rogers, MCC, Chief Coaching Officer at Coaching Out of the Box®

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