The Importance of Using a Coach-Like Approach to Leadership for Everyone

A coach-like approach to leadership offers an effective way to positively influence a team and/or employees by simply changing the way the management are viewing their position and providing an alternative to the controlling strategies currently in place. Employees and teams operate more efficiently when they are coached as opposed to being controlled, micro-managed and belittled. Replacing “ruling with fear” with a coaching atmosphere increases productivity, satisfaction and communication among other positive attributes. It also increases the likelihood of keeping good employees longer, which cuts down on costs associated with replacing employees and covering missed workloads.

A coach-like approach to leadership challenges staff and provides a deeper level of trust in their abilities. Not only is the staff more productive, but the management can be as well since they no longer have to worry about overseeing every aspect of their workforce’s day. Most often, these coach-like leaders gain an understanding of how to operate this way from being coached. Although they have no intention of becoming actual coaches, the strategies and understanding of the coaching approach, give them a better way to communicate and encourage their staff. Employees want management to be approachable, understanding, empathetic, encouraging and trusting. These are key aspects of using a coach-approach and can be effectively taught to management who are open to learning how to use these strategies for their benefit as well as the benefit of their staff.

In fact, it isn’t just high-level management who can benefit from these characteristics; any level of management or even non-management can produce amazing results simply by better understanding how to use a coach-approach with those around them. Investing in this can be an essential tool for growth in any corporation and doesn’t necessarily need to start at the top. It is essential for a company to stand behind this initiative in order to see full results, which is to say, put their staff before their bottom line at least in the interim.

A supportive company culture, a commitment to investing in employees and a willingness of management to learn are all required in order to move into a coach-like approach to leading any company. Without these essentials, there is bound to be failures, but when everyone is fully on board, the possibilities for progress are endless.

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