Wendy Rabel: Fast Tracking Her Career to Create Organizational Change

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Every career path is unique, a fact that Wendy Rabel exemplifies in her 10-year private and postsecondary education journey.

Her story is one of strength and dedication to giving others power through coaching and leadership—and how learning is a lifelong process.

From Academic Foundations to Coaching Ambitions

Wendy’s professional journey began with a strong academic foundation, earning her Master of Arts in English from the University of Alberta. While her previous experience working in post-secondary education and the private sector paved the way for her future pursuits, her turn into coaching represented a big moment in her career.

A Coach Emerges Amidst Personal Challenges

Amidst personal challenges that included overcoming a stroke and its resulting cognitive and physical challenges, Wendy discovered her passion for coaching. She strove to increase her impact on others and to achieve that, knew she had to be dedicated to learning a new profession from scratch again. Her perseverance in her personal life influenced the goals in her professional one, as she took the steps to become a coach. 


Wendy pursued her Professional Certified Coach (PCC) certification with the International Coach Federation and became a Certified Coaching Out of the Box trainer with the International Coaching Group Inc.’s (ICG) Fast Track program. Wendy selected the Fast Track program for its wide perspective of best practices, convenient online format, and highly interactive process.


Fast Tracking to ICF Credentials allowed Wendy to transition seamlessly and quickly into her new role, with a whole skill set of best practices as well as access to all of the ICG’s resources as one of their coaches to draw from when coaching her clients. 


A Beacon of Change and Community Engagement

Wendy’s coaching transition was more than a professional shift; it was a life makeover. Since fast-tracking with ICG, her coaching experiences range from advising entrepreneurs to assisting executives in huge enterprises. This diversified experience led to her present position at Stantec, where she works as an Organizational Change Management Consultant, creating revolutionary change across continents.

Her dedication transcends professional borders, as well. Her previous work with the United Way and devotion to community service demonstrate her strong belief in giving back. This service mentality is intertwined throughout her professional pursuits, as she continues to urge corporations to improve their leadership habits.


Embracing Life with Purpose and Passion

Wendy, who lives in Edmonton with her two rescue dogs and pursues a life of purpose and passion, shows what it means to lead by example. Her journey from academics and talent acquisition to becoming a Stantec engagement and change management leader demonstrates her persistent commitment to development, learning, and empowerment; an exemplary example of what our mission at ICG is: To make it as easy as possible for individuals to become pioneers and leaders lead by a world-class team of pioneers and leaders through the incredible power of coaching.

Wendy Rabel’s narrative serves as a beacon for all aspiring professionals and leaders, illustrating that with resilience, continual learning, and a passion for service, one may not only change jobs but also pave the way for others to be inspired and uplifted.

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