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February 2022 – How to set boundaries with clients



Boundaries are essential to a healthy relationship with any client. Sometimes coaches allow problematic client behaviors to continue for fear of upsetting, or even losing, the client. This sets a precedent that can lead to bigger problems down the road.

You need to decide, as the coach, what boundaries are important to you. Identify comfortable physical, mental, emotional and spiritual limits before starting out with clients. And for when you do start, here are 6 ways to set and preserve your boundaries. READ MORE…

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Join us as we learn from our highly skilled Coach Facilitator, Lerae Gidyk, MCC as we explore in depth how do we teach our clients to be coached and discuss the best ways to set boundaries as we do it.

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November 2021 — A Case for Coaching in a World Interrupted

A Case for Coaching in a World Interrupted

In the context of leadership, coaching can be used as an approach to communicating and interacting where leaders act as partners with their team members, listen actively, and ask questions vs. telling employees what to do and how to do it. In learning a “coach approach” leaders are equipped with a new way of viewing the capacity and capabilities of the individuals they are there to support. From this new “lens” leaders are then better equipped to tap into the resourcefulness of their people. This serves to fuel employee engagement as individuals and teams are empowered to stretch beyond their comfort zones and leverage their strengths.

Coaching also gives rise to ongoing, meaningful, and reciprocal exchanges between leaders and their teams that foster trust, psychological safety, and where individual goals can be aligned with organizational goals. Written by Joanne, Peck, PCC for Coaching Out of the Box® Read More…



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We are excited to present our next webinar on the impact that coaching can have on organizations and speak first-hand with leaders who have integrated a coach approach into their leadership styles.

During this hour we will explore why leaders need an approach that will help them, their teams, and ultimately their organizations thrive during these turbulent times rather than simply survive them. If you are a leader, in a leadership role, or aspiring to be one and looking for a way that fosters employee engagement, tolerance, agility, innovation, and increased resilience then this is one webinar you will not want to miss!

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July 2018

            Common Coaching Challenges and Tips for Tackling Them Coaching challenges – whether you are a new coach or seasoned, we all run into

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