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Podcast featuring Mee Ok Icaro interviewed by Jen Anderson on the Inspiring Coaches show. The episode is called Coaching and Plant Medicine: A Safe Space for Growth

Coaching and Plant Medicine: A Safe Space for Growth with Mee Ok Icaro

We sat down with Mee Ok Icaro to discuss the role of plant medicine in coaching. A powerful voice in the world of visionary medicine and personal growth as a life purpose coach, a writer, a book Doula, a sacred medicine advisor, and integration specialist, Icaro is dedicated to helping individuals heal and find their path in life; skilled in Gabor Maté’s compassionate inquiry, a method she has personally integrated for over a decade to transform her own life.

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It Takes Two to Tango

Lessons In Coaching From 3 Common Mistakes Made When Dancing Tango

The intention of this post is to invite you to consider the synchronous nature of your coaching through the use of a dance metaphor.

The Tango is a dance influenced by African, South American, and European cultures and is characterized as being based on a syncopated rhythm that allows for much improvisation and full expression. To watch a couple, dance the Tango in a synchronous way can be an immersive experience; watching the dancers float across the floor effortlessly, perfectly synchronized, connected, and fully expressing. They share equal power in the movements even though one partner is leading. It can be so moving when the dancers are in sync. When the dancers are out of sync or “off” in their partnering of the dance, the experience for the observer can be choppy, disconnecting, and in some way uninspiring.

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