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Welcome back. You will be here if you have submitted your first recording and the ICF Trained assessor scored that particular recording as not aligned with ACC Minimum Skills requirements. 

Our commitment as your partner is to support your journey from the day you enrolled to the day you receive your ACC designation, and even beyond that. Like in any coaching situation, you will need to do the work, we will provide the guidance and structure for you to do your best. 

In this course we will prepare you to create a second recording to submit to an ICF Assessor. We will foot the bill for the second assessment. We only ask you cover the cost to produce the translation of the second recording.  We will also show you how to do that.

Before we rush in, there is much to be reminded of and much to learn from your first recording.

In this version of the CSC Course, we re-walk you through the standards used to assess your coaching, repeat how to create your recording, show you how to submit a new recording. Then as promised in the first course, once you have a PASS assessment, we will get you ready for the ICF exam and finally, a step-by-step guide to submit the application for credential to the ICF.

Unlike other courses, you do not have to take this course sequentially. You may at any time go to any section. Be sure to MARK the section you do AS COMPLETE.  

A word of advice from your coach … Even though you have taken some of this content in the previous course, there is a very high possibility that a repeated section contains an idea, an insight or a technique you missed the first time and that just might make the difference in your next recording. 

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