Fieldwork Week 6

Reflect on Your Observations.

In class you had the opportunity to observe, or be part of a live coaching exchange.  Reflect on what you learned and write a Note-To-Self to retain that awareness. Tip: Re-watch the class video to pick up other ideas and insights.
Consider these questions to craft your note to self:

  1. What worked well?
  2. What did I learn by observing this coaching session?
  3. How will I integrate and/or incorporate this learning into my coaching?
Note-ToSelf HERE (can we put the question above in the NTS?)

If you were the Coach today, self-assess your artwork.

Congratulations on doing a live coaching session.
Nerve racking?  ... Often.
A learning opportunity?  ... Let's see.

An additional way to learn the ICF core competencies is to observe them in action. This exercise has several objectives:

  1. Listen to the class recording of your coaching exchange to discover more learnings.
  2. Assess your own coaching exchange using the Competency Observer Guide
  3. Document your insights to use in your development as a coach.
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Create or Assess Your Partner's Coaching Exchange

Work with your Practice Partner in a different way.

  1. One Partner creates a recording of a real Coaching exchange.
  2. The other partner listens to the recording to provide evidence of behavior of the competencies/elements displayed (or not displayed).
  • Next week you will switch roles and the other partner creates a recording for review.
  • The client in the coaching exchange can be your partner or anyone that gives you permission to record.
  • Ideal length: 20 minutes.  Not to exceed 30 minutes.
  • Feedback can be in any form with a focus on how the coach demonstrated the competencies. Be very specific. "When you said to the client _____, I felt that was demonstrating ______.

Easy ways to make a recording:

  • On a zoom call
  • Smart phone app: Call Record or Voice Recorder

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