Copy of What Happens if You Fail?

Fail is such a harsh word. Let’s redefine it as First Attempt In Learning.

In that new definition is the answer to what is next.  Learn all you can and do one more.

If this is your first fail, stay on this page, and follow the guidance.

 If this is the second or more times you have received a FAIL status, Click Here. 

 First Fail? Let’s first cover the “How much does this cost?”

We believe in you. Because of that belief we will cover the cost for another ICF Assessor to review your new recording. Comes with one caveat; don’t let us down.

You will need to pay for the transcription of this second recording.

May we suggest the following next steps:

  1. Review the feedback from the ICF Assessor.
  2. Listen to your recording yourself.  What competencies did you hear you covered and which ones did you miss?
  3. Build a plan on how to ensure you demonstrate all of the competencies in your new recording.
  4. Reset your perspective: The recording in not about if the client received anything out of your coaching, it is truly about you being able to unequivocally demonstrate up to eight of the ICF Core Competencies on a 30 minute recording.
  5. Create a new recording, may be two more.
  6. Assess each new recording with much more scrutiny than you did the first recording.
  7. Get some external help to review the recording you feel “is it”.  Grab a couple of hours from one of our Mentor Coaches.
  8. Transcribe the recording in the same format as the first.
  9. Upload the recording, client permission and the transcript to us for formal evaluation and feedback.

For Transcription services, contact   Lisa VVVV

Please upload Client Permission , Audio Recording  and  Transcript one by one.

If this is the second or more times you have received a FAIL status, Click Here.

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