365 Coaching Questions Booklet (Hardcopy)



We created this resource of questions to stimulate your own abilities to develop and create questions. These 365-plus questions contained in this handbook are simply jumping-off points or catalysts for you. They are categorized by topic, and many can be adapted to fit different situations. We encourage you to use them as thought provokers for your own questions. Integrate them into your own ‘voice’. And remember, posing a question with an agenda (and already thinking you know the answer) can dampen the discovery process. Stay open, with as little expectation or attachment to the outcome as possible. The key is to assist the recipient of the question in determining what the right answer is for “them”. Be curious.

Finally, a fun way to use this booklet: if you get stuck on a question, or where to go with a person or situation, just open the booklet randomly and grab a question. The odds are it will be just perfect. Enjoy!


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