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Coaching Out of the Box® exists to make it as easy as possible for people to learn coaching skills. We are a world-class team of industry pioneers and leaders and use our proven model to teach individuals and organizations to leverage the incredible power of coaching.

Our programs are pragmatic, practical, and highly transformational. We take a partnering approach with participants to ensure that coaching skills are not only learned but done so in a way that can be sustained for long-lasting results. To date, our flagship 5.5.5 Coaching Skills Training Program™ has been delivered to over 55,000 people in 38+ countries.

Large organizations, such as B.C. Health Authorities with a 150,000 employee count, are using our flagship 5.5.5 Coaching Skills Training Program™ to develop internal coaching capacity today. Over 5,000 participants and growing.

Our Mission

What if EVERYONE had coaching skills? Our VISION is that they will. Our MISSION is to see that they do. 
Our vision and mission are at the core of everything we do. We have created a community of like-minded individuals from varying backgrounds with the same commitment to get coaching conversations to as many people as possible. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if everyone had coaching skills?

The Founder

As an Executive Coach and Coaching Educator since 1996, Alison has seen the transformative power of coaching in maximizing the full potential of people. Passionate about what coaching can do and how it can affect every aspect of how we live, work, and communicate, Alison’s vision is that EVERYONE learns how to coach. To realize that vision, she created Coaching Out of the Box®, and in that time over 33,000 people in 38-plus countries have experienced the Flagship 5.5.5 Coaching Skills Training Program™.  She has been at the forefront of embracing technology as another way for people to learn coaching via robust virtual classrooms since 2008.  

In 2015 she was honoured to present the findings on bringing coaching skills to over 5,000 people in Healthcare using her proven program at the 8th Annual Coaching in Leadership Healthcare conference offered by Harvard Medical School and the Institute of Coaching in Boston. 

Alison Hendren

Alison Hendren, MCC

Alison led a faculty team at Royal Roads University for 13 plus years with the Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching Program at Royal Roads University and was pivotal in it achieving the reputation as the most highly respected Executive Coaching Program in Canada.  During her leadership, over 1,200 leaders from all parts of Canada plus the US, Europe, and Asia achieved the rigorous CEC designation. She is also Charter faculty for the Executive Coaching Program at the University of Texas at Dallas. Previous to that she was Vice President of Global Business Development for Coach U and Corporate Coach U where she contributed largely to the growth of the coaching profession and had the opportunity of speaking and training coaches worldwide. Her work with the International Coach Federation, the largest professional organization for coaches in the world, contributed to ensuring standards of practice and educational requirements are met. She achieved the Master Certified Coach designation in 1999 and is one of only 1,676* coaches worldwide to achieve this designation.

Previous to coaching she worked in sales management in the corporate environment through her work with Canada Trust as well as created a number of businesses within the real estate arena including multi-million dollar developments in Vancouver and Whistler. Alison’s eclectic background brings a full set of strengths including business startup and development, leadership, strategic thinking, and authentic frankness coupled with warmth and compassion. 

The International Coaching Group Inc. is proud to be an ICF-Accredited Level 1 Coaching Education Provider.

Our Team & Coach Faculty

ICG Team
We are passionate about our mission and vision of getting coaching skills to as many people as possible and are dedicated to helping organizations, teams, and individuals achieve real and sustainable results through coaching.  
We’ve delivered our coaching programs to hundreds of organizations and continue to get reports of real and exciting success. Our team is dedicated to your success. 

Our Licensed Trainers

Our Licensed Trainers are licensed to deliver some of our key programs, making coach training even more accessible across North America and beyond. To find a coach in your area, check out our extensive list of Licensed Trainers.

Our Results

We are passionate about our vision of coaching skills for everyone and we are dedicated to helping organizations, teams and individuals achieve real and sustainable results through coaching. We’ve delivered our coaching programs to hundreds of organizations and continue to get reports of real and exciting success. Read about the success and impact of our programs below.

We presented our findings with over 5,000 people in the Healthcare Sector to Harvard Medical School, Institute of Coaching and McLean Hospital.

Team results

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