8. Facilitating Learning and Growth Copy

8. Facilitating Client Growth Definition: Partners with the client to transform learning and insight into action. Promotes client autonomy in the coaching process.
  1. Works with the client to integrate new awareness, insight or learning into their worldview and behaviors.
  2. Partners with the client to design goals, actions and accountability measures that integrate and expand new learning.
  3. Acknowledges and supports client autonomy in the design of goals, actions and methods of accountability.
  4. Supports the client in identifying potential results or learning from identified action steps.
  5. Invites the client to consider how to move forward, including resources, support and potential barriers.
  6. Partners with the client to summarize learning and insight within or between sessions.
  7. Celebrates the client's progress and successes.
  8. Partners with the client to close the session.
Coaching Out of the Box® -- 5/5/5 Coaching Model elements:
Principle: Be Curious Principle: Be Supportive Principle: Be Accepting Principle: Be Focused Principle: Be Committed Exchange: Identify
Exchange: Discover
Exchange: Strategize
Exchange: Clear The Way
Exchange: Recap
Skill: Listening
Skill: Encouraging
Skill: Questioning
Skill: Requesting
Skill: Action Planning

Reflect and remind yourself how you demonstrate or could demonstrate this competency in your coaching exchanges. 

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