Module 1 Practical Copy

5.5.5 Topics
5.5.5 Key Learning Points
Module 1 Practical
  • Practice The Process in Pairs

Practice following the 5-step exchange (focus on process).

Coachee topic: Something real, that you can get an answer to in 5 minutes.
Two rounds

  • A coaches B
  • B coaches A


  • 5 minutes coaching each round
  • 2 minutes feedback each round

Feedback (coach then coachee) What worked well?

  • The 5 Step Coaching Exchange
  • (good backdrop slide for debrief of practice)
  • Your Work before next week

Details of Homework:
Reinforce Learning

  • Read Learner’s Guide: The 5 Step Coaching Exchange.
  • Watch video clip: What is Coaching?

Field Work

  • Conduct at least one Coaching Exchange before next class.

Prepare for Next Class:

Bring topics you wish to be coached on.

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