A passionate believer that a healthy, respectful, and safe workplace environment is crucial to unleash the creativity and innovation to drive performance and results. A strong advocate for an inclusive, collaborative, systemic approach for tapping into what is possible with teams and people. Khwezi is a proven catalyst for change who delivers results, inspires teams to believe, and ignites enthusiasm in the workplace. As the Managing Principal of Collaborative Leadership Works, Khwezi places high value on leaders and followers being coach-like with each other. In a knowledge economy with an increasingly educated workforce there is a premium on being a learning organization – one that can adapt and respond organically to the complex changes in their environment.

Khwezi, a Licensed Trainer in COOTB, has successfully implemented internally sustainable coaching programs in health care and post-secondary institutions. Helping each other learn, tapping into the creative and resourceful capacity of colleagues is what being coach-like is about.Informed by a successfully proven coaching framework Collaborative Leadership provide workshops and follow up triads to embed the learning on how to be coach-like, what you need to do to be coach-like, and who you have to be to be coach-like. Khwezi holds several degrees in management and organization systems, is a certified health care executive and a chartered professional in human resources and holds numerous other certifications.

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