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10 Key Leadership Actions

Becoming a leader is not about your job title or position; it’s about your actions and the examples you set. People choose to follow those they admire and respect. To cultivate leadership and guide a team effectively, it’s essential to embrace certain qualities, characteristics, and actions. Here are ten crucial steps to establish your leadership status:

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Grumpy boy with business shirt and glasses, metaphorically a difficult executive

Coaching Challenge #1: Coaching the Uncoachable

Grumpy boy with business shirt and glasses, metaphorically a difficult executive

Buckle up, this topic deals with a particularly prickly challenge –coaching the uncoachable.

Let’s get to the point: The notion that some people are uncoachable goes against our grain.

We prefer to think that everyone can be coached –if we just know the right approach!

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Level 1 – ICF Accredited

After great effort and hard work, we’re very excited and proud to announce that Coaching Out of the Box® has been approved as a Level 1 International Coaching Federation (ICF) Accredited Coaching Education Provider.

The ICF provides Coaching Education Accreditation to Coach Education providers. ICF-accredited education organizations must complete a rigorous review process and demonstrate that their curriculum and the organization align with the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics and meets the highest industry standards.

How does this benefit you? Before our Level 1 accreditation, students that went through the Coaching Out Of The Box® Fast Track to ICF Credential program were only awarded 68 hours of ICF-accredited coach-specific education. Now they get 116.9!

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What’s Next? Business Name

Sixth in the What’s Next? Series
Business name, the last in our series of What’s Next? but definitely not the least important task. Niche, tone, branding, marketing, social…all are important and over the course of the last few months, we’ve looked at each individually.

To recap, here are the tasks to consider when focusing on what’s next in starting your business:


Website- August newsletter
Niche- September newsletter
Tone, branding, personality- October newsletter
Marketing – November newsletter
Social – December newsletter
Business name

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The experience has been worthwhile thus far, its never a dull moment, every moment has a coachable component in it and its been a great

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Current student

Flexible and manageable with very warm and welcoming facilitators that make the intimidating parts a lot more pleasant.

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