The First Coaching Tip of 2022

Welcome to 2022.

If lockdown, vaccinations, social distancing, and COVID-19 were no longer terms you use in 2022; What would you be talking about?  What would you be thinking about?

2022 and your coach are inviting you to start exploring these two questions. 

At first, resist looking for definitive answers, rather, see the trends or directions of your answers.  Observe the themes of your thoughts and feelings. Is there a repetitive pattern? Are you starting to hear your dreams, hopes, and desires creep back in? Are you being drawn towards more responsibility, new or deeper relationships, balance, or love?

The secret to 2022, a six-year, is to Accept what is and build on it

Notice I didn’t say let it go, ignore, or deny.  Accept the past, accept the multitude of changes brought by 2021 and all your experiences so far, as the foundation you are now building your future upon. A hint: searching for, even just talking about “a new normal”, is a distraction or resistive response to accepting. “New normal seeking” locks us into wanting what may not be available right now and blocks our forward movement, as it is demanding an exact stable description of the future before we act.  

Consider this metaphor.  Imagine you just found that perfect piece of land to build your dream home on and you can easily afford to purchase it. The problem, as you see at first, is there is a large mound of dirt exactly where you want to build the dream house.  Would you stop, not buy it because you don’t really know what is under that dirt pile?  Would you spend your time asking all your friends what you should do and miss the deal?  Would you dream and ask the universe for guidance and direction, and when it looks like no definitive sign appears, you let the deal go by?

Heck no.  The next day with shovel and bulldozer in hand you would make short work of the dirt mound, deal with what you uncover, and adjust the house design to get the best house ever. You build on what you have.

Take stock of what you have right now and build with and on those attributes.  Allow yourself to not have a perfectly clear idea of what it all looks like. Be willing to pull each thread to discover what it might lead to. 

So?  What are you working with? What do you have available to you right now?  Accept what is true for you and build on it. You are working with an amazing foundation and a powerful set of skills and experiences. Now use them.

Whatever mounds of dirt will be thrown at you in 2022, accept them for what they are and grow through them.  Your dreams do not have to wait, nor do they have to be crystal clear before you act. You have it in you to shape and sculpt your future. 2022 is asking you to do just that, accept “what is” and journey forward, refine your responsibilities in life, grow and evolve your relationships, find a balance and harmony that serves you best.  

Move the dirt – See what you have to work with – Build the darn house!

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