Why Avoidance is Not an Effective Coaching Skill


In the lifetime of every coach, there will likely be at least a couple of subjects that arise and have deeper meaning for the coach. These subjects may skew the opinion or dialogue for that coach based on their previous history. Sometimes it may seem like a reasonable solution to just avoid these topics altogether but in the end, the client suffers. If the dialogue is closed off or if the coach steers the conversation in another direction, the client will never have the opportunity to explore these topics and their outcomes will be impacted.

1) Avoidance means the issue was never really resolved. If a coach is holding on to something hurtful from the past, they may find it increasingly difficult to move forward. These issues are carried with them into each new interaction and may inhibit their effectiveness.

2) Avoidance is like a barrier, similar to an invisible fence the mind can put around a sensitive topic. These barriers can set off red flags in a coach’s mind that distract them from being present in their current client conversation.

3) Avoidance robs people of their peace of mind. It can be frustrating to constantly be on guard for certain key words or conversations and how to address them to avoid moving forward.

4) Avoidance doesn’t just affect the coach. The client is affected and likely, if the issue is big enough for the coach, it is affecting others in their lives outside of business as well.

Regardless of what the issue is, the best way to deal with it is head-on. Speaking with another coach or even therapy may be necessary to move forward and away from the issues. The best coaches are ones that are open minded with their clients regardless of the topic. Any personal issues should never interfere with a coaching session and if they do, they need to be dealt with for a healthy coach and healthy clients.

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