Getting Ready for the Practicum Copy

Why this Course Matters

This course will provide you with two very critical components needed for an ACC accreditation.

  • Two Observed Coaching Sessions with feedback from an ICF Credentialed Coach
  • SEVEN hours of Group Mentoring Coaching

Your opportunity is to be willing to engage in live coaching and be open to expand your style and techniques.

Features of the Practicum

Mixture of:

  • Observed coaching with live facilitator feedback (twice)
  • Self-assess your coaching exchange (twice)
  • Observe others coaching live (eight)
  • Peer coaching between weeks (four)
  • Record your own coaching and self-assess (once)
  • Listen to pre-recorded to observe competencies (twice)
  • Practice the advanced skill of Requesting
  • Overview of ICF Core Competencies

Tips About Giving Feedback

As Observers:

  • Our Job: Focus on how the coach utilizes the coaching competencies and elements of the 5/5/5 Model.
  • Our Response: Provides evidence of behaviour that supports our observation. How you heard/saw the competency/element be displayed (or not displayed).
  • Our Gift: Is to remind the coach what they did well, so they may repeat it in the future.
  • Our Way: How you would have coached, what you would have said or approached this exchange is good insight for you. Not relevant to this coach as feedback.
  • Our Delivery: It is important the feedback is delivered in a way that supports the coach's growth and development by building upon the strengths of their existing skills.

Each Week is Different

Each week you will be assigned:

  • A combination of roles: Coach / Client / Observer / Time keeper / Learner.
  • A Practice Partner.
  • Fieldwork to get you ready for the next class. We will assume you have done it.


  • We don’t perform coaching we evolve our coaching.
  • This is your learning lab.

You Will be a Real Client

Each week you could need a robust topic to be coached on:

  • Robust, Real, Meaningful, Vulnerable. Each session lasts up to 20 minutes.
  • No harm in using a the same topic with a new coach to get new insights.
  • Areas to get great coaching topics:
  • Life: Your job, relationships, goals, difficulties, stress points, aspirations, clarity of thought …
  • Skills from the 5/5/5: Listening, Questioning, Encouraging, Requesting, Action Planning
  • Areas of Focus in your Coach Kit from Coaching Fundamentals
  • Personal growth goals from Personal Groundwork for Coaches
  • Integrating one of the ICF Competencies into your style
  • How to practice or get real clients. Grow your practice
  • Getting all the requirements to apply for ACC
  • Whatever it is, do your coach a favour – Make it real for you.

Competency Observer Guide

A practical checklist that can be completed by the observer, the coachee and the coach.

  • Checkboxes are elements that most likely can be observed in a short coaching exchange.
  • Bullets are elements that may be observed in a session or more likely over a series of same client coaching exchanges.

Use this form to assess the recordings of your coaching.

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