Sarah Mortlock

Sarah has spent the past three and a half years developing as a coach, achieving her professional coaching certification through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. She is a licensed Coaching Out of the Box® trainer and is working towards her Associate Certified Coach designation with the International Coaching Federation.

Furthermore, Sarah draws upon over nine years of experience in the healthcare industry, the past three of which have been focused on facilitating change for the BC Children’s & BC Women’s Redevelopment Project. She works as a Prosci certified member of the Change Management team, supporting others with navigating a variety of personal and professional transitions. Through this work, she has learned the importance of acknowledging and leveraging the vital role people within an organization play for developing adaptability and cultivating resilience to thrive in a complex environment.

As a coach, Sarah seeks connectedness at an individual level, and aims to foster collaborative relationships built on a solid foundation of communication, honesty, trust and respect. She values having open, authentic and meaningful conversations and helping others to do the same, to bring about greater awareness, clarity, satisfaction and success.

Sarah is highly attuned, intuitive, and always looking for opportunities to engage, learn and grow.  Her work demonstrates her deep commitment to helping others tap into their amazing wisdom, insight and potential to uncover solutions to the challenges that they face, so they can make conscious, empowered decisions and take action to create powerful and sustainable change in their lives.

Sarah regularly practices mindfulness meditation and yoga, yearns to travel the world, writes out her daily gratitudes, and is happiest when anywhere immersed in nature.

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