be S.H.U.R.: Evolving Your Coach/Leader Approach


As coaches and leaders, the one constant that remains is our need to adapt and evolve our techniques and approach to our craft. This has never been more important than today, when every company, based on customers, suppliers, and employee location, is a global company.   As generation Z pours into the workforce, balancing five generations in the workplace, whether they show up and/or “zoom-in”, our complex environment continues to challenge many leaders. Meanwhile, geo-political instability, climate change, pseudo-recession, and endemic fears add stress and uncertainty for everyone.

It is in this context, we are often told and taught to be present, to be in the moment for our clients and co-workers.  Yet, that is not enough.  In these times, our goal is to ensure our clients and colleagues thrive, not just survive.  We need to be S.H.U.R.  Specifically, we need to be able to adapt our approach as leaders and coaches to give others what they need: to be seen; be heard; be understood; and, be respected.

  • be SEEN – for who they are and for everything they are. Remember, you cannot serve who you cannot see. This requires us to create and hold safe spaces and bring the positive intent of support.
  • be HEARD – not just listened to, but actually heard. This requires us to take an active part in the conversation by rephrasing and checking for understanding.
  • be UNDERSTOOD – as it is their perspectives that are paramount. This requires putting our own perspectives on hold while responding with empathy and asking for clarification.
  • be RESPECTED – acknowledge the lived experiences of others. This requires us to lean in and meet others where they are. We do not need to agree in order to respect someone, for as human beings we can hold two opposing thoughts at the same time.

To be S.H.U.R. successfully, the coach/leader must dial in and be hyper-focused. They need to be curious about who the person is below the surface to explore what they believe in.  They need to stay courageous by asking the different, and sometimes more difficult questions.

In today’s complex world where technology plays a larger role than human connection, we can be the difference maker.  be S.H.U.R. in every interaction and see your colleagues thrive!

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