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Intention for Today

Just a quick reminder, this course is ALL about learning how to embed the ICF core competencies into your coaching style.
Because of the pressure to coach in front of a live audience it will be easy to forget this and resort to your previous coaching habits.
Push the envelope on yourself. Be bold. Before you start your coaching exchange, declare the competency you will aim to demonstrate in the exchange.

Use this as a laboratory to test, try, prove and grow a stronger coaching impact.

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Coaching Practicum Roles

  • Coach: Integrate the applicable 15 elements of the 5.5.5 coaching model with the 8 ICF competencies to support your client.
  • Client: Make it real. Bring a real situation to your coach. Be open be vulnerable. Be authentic.
  • Observer: Watch/record how the coach demonstrates one of the ICF Competencies. Use the Competency Observer Guide for reference.
  • Timer: Give the coach notice at: ½ way mark, 5 minutes left, 2 minutes left, no time.
  • Learner: Watch and learn. Look for ideas or approached this coach uses that you could adopt into your coaching style/technique.
  • Coach-Facilitator: Provide feedback to the coach on how they demonstrated the ICF Competencies and the 5.5.5 model.

Each coaching round lasts up to 20 minutes.

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